Hello world!

I started this blog. Cuz there are times that I get so damn frustrated that I need some where to vent it before it takes me over. Mostly it involves work. But other times that parents or whatever else can get to me.

Work was hell this week. Tuesday night there was this huge storm and out of the 40+pol that’s supper to be there only 17 showed up.. And of course we got slammed on both sides. I don’t know how we did it but we got a lot done…it was only 3 departmetnts that didn’t get down..even the store manager was pleasantly surprised at how much we got done with so little help

Wednesday I was in an aisle. But then once the dairy truck finally decided to get there at 4am. Wen we leave at 7am. We barely got done. Well all but the meat skid and the only thing on that skid is the butter

Thursday night they had the cheese and yogurt walls tore up to deep clean the shelves. The merchindise didn’t even get put back up on the shelf. Let alone stocked.

Friday night they did the juice wall and bunkers. They started us I. Frozen to blitz it out. We barely got done with stocking because of them again! The other two ppl stayed later to finished. There was. No way in hell I was gonna stay. It was their fault we were behind. Not mine. So they can deal with it…

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